Meeting Minutes

April 2022 Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2022

The City of Dover in Pope County, State of Arkansas, met in regular session April 19, 2022 at the Dover City Hall.  The following were present:  Mayor Lee presiding and the following alderpersons:  Chris Loper, Chris Walker,  Fred Standridge, Pat McAlister, Connie Ragsdale and Attorney Luker.

Absent:  Carl Wetzel

Prayer:  Chris Loper

Pledge of Allegiance led by Regina Kilgore

The minutes of the March 15, 2022 meeting were reviewed and there being no corrections, Alderman Standridge made motion to approve minutes.  Alderman Walker 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  5.  Nays:  0.  Motion Carried.

The monthly bills were received and signed.  Alderwoman McAlister made motion to approve payment of the bills.  Alderman Loper 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  5.  Nays:  0.  Motion Carried.

Mayor Lee announced the new Alderwoman Connie Ragsdale is present for Ward 3, Position 2.

Mayor Lee stated Breanna Davis had contacted him and the sewer application was under review with the Agriculture Dept. and the ARPA Steering Committee.

Joshua Thompson with Scenic Hill Solar spoke about the solar energy again and stated he is just waiting on Council to sign an agreement.  No decision was made.

Machelle Lee with MAK Daddy’s gave update for her private club application.  She has hired a lawyer to get non profit transferred into her name to proceed.  It will be Class A Permit.  Attorney Luker stated the name will have to be changed on the original application to the city.

Mayor Lee stated he will have to go to Pope County Court House to discuss the difference in the lines on the ward map.  The County  map shows a different divider line than the city map does.

Mayor Lee stated the Construction company the council voted on to put new roof on Fire/Ambulance building is still on go.  They are waiting on insulation supplies to start the project.

Mayor Lee stated the council had approved via text the quote for $15,000 for a generator for City Hall.  He stated the price could be a little more.  Alderwoman McAlister made motion to approve $16,000 for the generator.  Alderman Loper 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  5.  Nays:  0.  Motion Carried.

Mayor Lee stated the first round of ARP monies to Dover was $149,171.08.  The first reporting due date is April 30, 2022.  He suggested the city claim revenue replacement for reimbursement to the City for Police Salaries.  Then the money will go back into General account to be spent.

Mayor Lee stated the council had approved via text purchase of Fire Department Equipment for $20,000.  Alderman Walker made motion to approve the purchase.  Alderwoman McAlister 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  5.  Nays:  0.  Motion Carried.

Mayor Lee stated next month he will have a preliminary budget for Water and Sewer.  The new budget will need to be passed at the June meeting.  He stated according to the current Ordinance in place there will be a 3% increase in the water and sewer bills.  He wants the council to be thinking about an increase in the minimum bills amount.

Melissa Sanders gave the Library Report.  There were 1711 visitors and 551 Wi-Fi users.

Mayor Lee presented Resolution 2022-1 Amending the General, Street, Act 833, Reserve, Court Automation, ARP Grant and LOPFI Budgets for 2021.  Alderman Loper made motion to approve the Resolution.  Alderman Standridge 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  5.  Nays:  0.  Motion Carried.

Mayor Lee stated we need to transfer money from General to Sewer and from General to Water.  Alderwoman McAlister made motion to transfer $10,000 from General to Water and $25,000 from General to Sewer.  Alderman Loper 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  5.  Nays:  0.  Motion Carried.

Ron Walker gave the Planning Commission Report.  He stated he recently gave the Chamber some OMD  memorabilia.  There was some discussion about a food truck that opened at a residential address on Market Street.  No decision was made.  He stated the next quarterly meeting of the Commission will be July 7, 2022.

Yancy Poynter gave the Utility Report:

Water dept.    

  • installed 4 services
  • replaced timer relay and block on tank controls
  • poyner extension on line
  • jack attended a intermediate distribution class and a basic treatment class

sewer dept.

  • installed 1 service


  • patched several potholes
  • replaced lock bar and lever on backhoe
  • serviced fire department genset

Mayor Lee stated the Mini excavator has been ordered and is due for delivery in May.

He also stated the application for USDA Grant for a new street truck has been completed.  This is a matching grant with 55% of funds coming from USDA and 45% from city funds. He stated later the city can apply for another grant for police cameras.

He stated the ARVEST grant for $5,000 for Police cameras has a balance of $1,670 to be spent.

Fire Chief Duvall was absent.  Mayor Lee reviewed the Fire Report.  There were  2 controlled burns, 7 other fire calls and trainings.

Police Chief Dalrymple gave the Police Report.  There were 965 total calls, 253 contacts, 508 property checks and 662 extra patrols.

Mayor Lee stated he is looking into other grants for Fun Park and Dover Ballpark.

Alderwoman McAlister made  motion to adjourn.  Alderman Standridge 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  5.  Nays:  0.  Meeting Adjourned.