Meeting Minutes

April 2024 Minutes

Minutes April 16, 2024

The City of Dover in Pope County, State of Arkansas, met in regular session April 16, 2024, 6:00 pm at the Dover City Hall. The following were present:  Mayor Lee presiding and the following Council members:  Russell Warhurst, Chris Walker, Carl Wetzel, Brent Hottinger, Connie Ragsdale, and Attorney Diedre Luker.

Absent:  Fred Standridge

Prayer:  Russ Warhurst.

Pledge of Allegiance: Chris Walker.

The minutes of March 19, 2024, meeting were reviewed and there being no corrections, Alderman Walker made a motion to approve the minutes. Alderman Hottinger 2nd. A Voice Vote. Yeas: 5.  Nays: 0.  Motion carried.

The monthly bills were received and signed. Alderman Warhurst made a motion to approve payment of bills. Alderman Walker 2nd.  A Voice Vote. Yeas: 5.  Nays: 0.  Motion carried.

Reviewed Balance Sheet.

Aaron Brock has not contacted the city about the Stipend, Act 224.  Legal action will have to be taken.

Jerry Kopke presented the Water and Sewer Department Rate Study per requirements of Arkansas Act 605 of 2021.  The rate study is needed to see if the water and sewer can maintain financial sustainability.  The 2021 Arkansas Natural Resource’s Community Public Water System Survey of Retail Water Rates described the Dover water distribution system as one of the best in the state (AAA rating).  Current water rates are well within affordability guidelines. Sewer rates are slightly higher than guidelines due to the additional cost of wastewater treatment.  Anticipating that water and sewer funds will experience increasing operating expenses, the analysis of revenue requirements for the next five years found that the current city policy of annual 3% increase should be sufficient to meet anticipated debt service, operating, and reserve requirements.  The council thanked Mr. Kopke for coming to the meeting and presenting the Rate Study.

Melissa Sanders was absent.  No Library Report.

Ron Walker presented the Planning Commission report.  Next regular meeting is scheduled for July 11, 2024, at 6:00 pm at Dover City Hall.  He stated all members were present at the April meeting.  No new projects at the time.

The Utility Report was presented by Mayor Lee.

Water Department:

  1. Repaired 1 leak.
  2. Installed 2 services.

Sewer Department:

  1. Installed 2 services.

Street Department:

  1. Repaired picnic table at city park.
  2. Replaced toilet and soap dispenser in women’s bathroom at city park due to vandalism.
  3. Installed new spring rider (Philbert the Frog).
  4. Repaired toilets at fire department.

Fire Report presented by Chief Duvall.  They had 2 gas leaks, 1 grass fire, 2 aircraft standby, 1 vehicle fire, authorized control burn.  Chief Duvall attended a TIMS class, on Crow Mountain, by Highway Patrol.

Police Report presented by Acting Chief Titsworth.  Josh thanked the council for allowing him the opportunity to serve the city as new chief.  The Eclipse went on without problems.  Thanks to all who helped.  The persons involved in the vandalism at the park were caught.  He has applied for a grant to help pay for a camera in one vehicle and some new equipment which will be more service and cost efficient for the new hires.    They are making a map of the city streetlights.  This will help them keep a more accurate account of the ones that are out and need replaced.  They are starting a field training program.  Chief Titsworth and Officer O’Neal have been trained to perform field training.  They had 3 accidents, 5 arrests, 4 disturbances, 9 extra patrols, 12 investigations, 4 welfare concerns.

The city applied for a USDA Grant for help with purchasing fire and street equipment.  If we get a grant, it will pay 55% of the cost for each department.

The city has applied for State Street Aid.  If granted, this will help overlay multiple streets in the city.

The sewer project is moving forward with preparations.

The council reviewed quotes on door replacement and approved the replacement.

Mayor Lee reported that the Annual State audit is going on.  He reported that Habitat for Humanity had contacted him on building in Dover.  The council stated they would help however the state laws allow.  He asked the council to review bid and spending limits for future meetings.  Mayor asked the council to consider replacements for the city attorney who will be leaving at the end of the year.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Alderwoman Ragsdale.  Alderman Hottinger 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:5.  Nays:0.  Meeting Adjourned.