Meeting Minutes

August 2022 Special Call Meeting

Minutes Special Called Meeting August 2, 2022

The City of Dover in Pope County, State of Arkansas, met in Special Called Meeting, August 2, 2022 at 6 pm at the Dover City Hall.  The following were present:  Mayor Roger Lee presiding and the following alderpersons:  Pat McAlister, Chris Loper, Chris Walker, Connie Ragsdale, Carl Wetzel and Fred Standridge.

Absent:  Attorney Luker

Mayor Lee told the council the police department have located two new police vehicles.  They are 2022 Dodge Durango’s from Chrysler Dealership in Niagara Falls, NY.  They also located Specialty Vehicle Source in Junction City KS that sets up the cars with complete equipment that will be needed.  The cost from Dealership for cars is $80,350.00.  The cost from Specialty Vehicle is $46,250.00.  This money would come from the ARPA Grant Fund.  After discussion, Alderman Loper made motion to purchase the vehicles and have the complete equipment installed.  Alderman Standridge 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  6.  Nays:  0.  Motion Carried.

Alderwoman McAlister made motion to adjourn.  Alderman Loper 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  6.  Nays:  0.  Meeting Adjourned.