Meeting Minutes

February 2024 Minutes

Minutes FEBRUARY 20, 2024

The City of Dover in Pope County, State of Arkansas, met in regular session February 20, 2024, 6:00 pm at the Dover City Hall. The following were present:  Mayor Lee presiding and the following Council members:  Russell Warhurst, Chris Walker, Carl Wetzel, Brent Hottinger, Connie Ragsdale.

Absent:  Attorney Deidre Luker and Alderman Fred Standridge.

Prayer:  Josh Titsworth.

Pledge of Allegiance: Russ Warhurst.

The minutes of January 16, 2024, meeting were reviewed and there being no corrections, Alderman Hottinger made a motion to approve the minutes. Alderman Walker 2nd. A Voice Vote. Yeas: 5.  Nays: 0.  Motion carried.

The monthly bills were received and signed. Alderman Warhurst made a motion to approve payment of bills. Alderwoman Ragsdale 2nd. A Voice Vote. Yeas: 5.  Nays: 0.  Motion carried.

Balance Sheet was reviewed.

Library Report was presented by Melissa Sanders.  They had 1228 visitors and 19 new cards issued for the month of January.  January hosted a speed puzzle contest, with one person going to finals in Russellville.  January and February they have a hot chocolate bar on Fridays. February they are hosting local authors.  Maggie Oliver has been hired to help with children’s clubs.

Ron Walker presented the Planning Commission Report.  On February 15, 2024, they had a special meeting with all members present.  Jason McGee purchased 10066 Sr. Hwy 7 N.  He needs a variance on the property to build a 4-plex.  Alderman Wetzel made a motion to grant a variance from R1 to R3, in allowance for the 4-plex.  Alderwoman Ragsdale 2nd.  Voice Vote:  Yeas.:5.  Nays: 0.  Motion Carried.

Kevin Johnson has informed the commission he wishes to build storage units and covered awnings for campers and boats, and retail space with an office/custodial housing unit.  This will be on the south side of George Jones Road, which is a C3 district.  Another person is looking in to purchasing property 96 Elizabeth St. He wished to remodel and bring up to code the buildings.  Fiberoptic has contacted the commission on being in the area soon.  They have had calls for purchases in the Hankins drive area.

Utilities Report presented by Yancy Poynter.

Water Department:  installed three services, repaired one leak, replaced A.R.V. on raw water line, TK9 calibrated.

Sewer Department:  Replaced seal L.S. #1 PUMP #1.

Street Department:  Repaired fence at city park, replaced toilet in men’s bathroom due to vandalism, patched potholes, and repaired men’s urinal at ballpark.

Hill street needs a new culvert, the highway department has been contacted.

Fire Report presented by Josh Titsworth.  Had calls including building fire, smoke scare, chemical spill, gas leak, grass fire assist, and cooking fire.  They had pump training, mutual aid training, SCBA drills PPE timed drills.  The Fire department needs a new breathing air compressor system to fill tanks.  Old one is 22 years old and needs repair.  They are currently going to Russellville or Martin township for refills. They have received quotes for a new system.  The Cascade system is the one they are considering.  The council discussed options.

Alderman Chris Walker made a motion to allocate up to $24,000 to purchase the unit and a service agreement from the Act 833 fund.  Alderwoman Ragsdale 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas: 5. Nays: 0.  Motion Carried.

Police Report was presented by Chief Dalrymple.  Total call: 346.  Contacts: 150. Property Checks: 300.  Extra Patrols: 190. They received grants to help purchase one new handheld radar unit and one in-car unit.  They are looking at bids.  One applicant for new officer has been offered a position at Dover and accepted.   Chief Dalrymple has applied for his retirement.  Deputy Chief Josh Titsworth will be moving to Chief position when Chief Dalrymple retires.  When Chief Dalrymple’s final date is set, we will be wishing him well and have a retirement reception.

Preparations for Eclipse 2024 were discussed.  The city has a plan in place for police and fire departments.

Erin Brock has not been in contact with the city to set up prepayment of Act 224- stipend.

A Resolution for Signature for Sewer Grant Account was presented so it is known who has authority to disburse fund from the grant account.  Alderman Wetzel made a motion to accept Resolution 2024-1 a Resolution Designating and Authorizing the Mayor to Execute Certain Documents in Connection with Funding Administered by the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission.  Alderman Walker 2nd.  A Voice Vote. Yeas: 5. Nays: 0.  Motion Carried.

The city is wanting to open a new account for Water Reserves.  This will separate the old Depreciation Account which currently deposits 6% to each in the same account for water and sewer reserves.  The council tabled the discussion for a later date.

The city has been checking on quotes for security cameras for the park and other areas in the city. Also, they have been getting quotes for a camera in one police car.

Mayor report:  City did not get the Fun Park Grant. We will try again next year. We need a back-up recording machine in case the old one does not work.  We are looking into quotes for compatible recorders to go with our microphones.  Looking into USDA Grant to help purchase items for Police, Fire or Street departments.  The ballpark bathroom needs a new roof and repairs on the parking lot.  The mayor is hoping for a collaboration with the School District and Summer Recreation for ballpark repairs.  In March advertising for bids for Sewer construction starts.

Motion to Adjourn by Alderman Hottinger.  Alderwoman Ragsdale 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas: 5.  Nays: 0.  Meeting Adjourned.