Meeting Minutes

March 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes March 15, 2022

The City of Dover in Pope County, State of Arkansas, met in regular session March 15, 2022 at the Dover City Hall.  The following were present:  Mayor Lee presiding and the following alderpersons:  Chris Loper, Chris Walker, Carl Wetzel, Fred Standridge and Attorney Luker.

Absent:  Pat McAlister

Prayer:  Fred Standridge

Pledge of Allegiance led by Carl Wetzel.

The minutes of the February 15, 2022 meeting were reviewed and there being no corrections, Alderman Loper made motion to approve minutes.  Alderman Standridge seconded.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  4.  Nays:  0.  Motion Carried.

The monthly bills were received and signed.  Alderman Loper made motion to approve payment of the bills.  Alderman Standridge seconded.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  4.  Nays: 0.  Motion Carried.

Mayor Lee announced there are two residents in attendance that would like to replace Ila Anderson as alderperson in Ward 3, Position 2.  Kyle Lynch and Connie Ragsdale.  Alderman Walker made motion to appoint Connie Ragsdale to the position.  Alderman Standridge 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  3.  Nays:  1.  Motion did not carry.  Mayor Lee voted Yea.  Motion Carried.  Alderman Standridge stated he believed the council could not go wrong with either choice.

Mayor Lee gave the sewer update on the grant for the 3.5 million for sewer repairs.  He stated the steering committee met a week ago and have the application for the sewer rehab.  He stated the city’s 2018 loan application for 2 million is still in the system and he felt like we should withdraw that old application.  Council agreed.

Mayor Lee gave an update on the Family Dollar/Dollar Tree project.  He stated they had put a retaining wall on a sewer main and this will have to be moved.

Melissa Sanders gave the Library Report.  There were 1063 visitors, 409 Wi-Fi users and a lego club for children has been started.

Joshua Thompson with Scenic Hill Solar gave a presentation to the council.  He stated with this project the city would see a decreased rate in electric bills of 40 to 50 percent.  He will gather more information and come back to the next meeting.

Mayor Lee went over the 2022 Procedural Rules for Dover City Council and gave each council member a copy.

Mayor Lee stated the Court Automation Checking Account had to be changed from interest bearing to non-interest bearing because we no longer keep a minimum balance of $1,000 in it.

Mayor Lee stated the roof at the Fire Department/Ambulance has got to be replaced.  He is gathering bids and it looks like cost will be in the $40,000 range.  He stated possibly this can be paid thru the American Rescue Plan money.  Alderman Wetzel made motion for mayor to approve a bid for up to $40,000 for the replacement.  Alderman Loper 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  4.  Nays:  0.  Motion Carried.

Mayor Lee stated there is a difference in the city ward map the city shows and the ward map the county shows.  Mayor Lee will contact Pope County and get it corrected.

Machelle Lee with MAK Daddy’s was in attendance and after some discussion it was tabled until next meeting.  Attorney Luker stated she will have another ordinance for this at next meeting.

Mayor Lee stated the city needs to transfer $7,000 from General to Water and $15,000 from General to Sewer.  Alderman Loper made motion to approve the transfers and Alderman Walker 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  4.  Nays:  0.  Motion Carried.

Ron Walker gave the Planning Commission Report and stated the next quarterly meeting will be April 7th.

Yancy Poynter gave the Utility Report:

Water dept.    

  • repaired 1 leak
  • installed 1 service
  • replaced fan motor in compressor room
  • replaced 4” mag meter
  • serviced gensets

sewer dept.

  • replaced several floats
  • installed 1 service
  • replaced solenoid and starter l.s. # 1
  • parshall flume calibrated
  • relaced check valve and motor repaired l.s. # 2
  • serviced gensets


  • patched several potholes
  • in process of painting picnic tables at city park

Fire Chief Duvall gave the Fire Report.  There was a training at a Live Burn.  A Building Fire at Country Convenience Store.  Two Grass Fires and other small fires.

Police Chief Dalrymple gave the Police Report.  There were 842 total calls, 114 contacts, 307 property checks and 665 extra patrols.

Mayor Lee told council he had met with Ameri core and he was impressed with the work they do including tutoring students.

Mayor Lee stated the Fire Department is wanting to purchase a new Computer Program.  The current one is very outdated and they have no support number to call for help.  The cost for the first year is $3,433.  The department would like to use the money in General from the sale of the Fire Truck for this.  Alderman Walker made motion to approve this purchase.  Alderman Loper 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  4.  Nays:  0.  Motion Carried.

Alderman Standridge made motion to adjourn.  Alderman Walker 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:   4.  Nays:  0.  Meeting Adjourned.