Meeting Minutes

March Special Called Meeting 2023 Minutes

Special Called Minutes March 7, 2023

The City of Dover in Pope County, State of Arkansas, met in a special called session, March 7, 2023 at 6 pm at the Dover City Hall.

The following were present:  Mayor Roger Lee presiding and the following Council members:  Pat McAlister, Carl Wetzel, Chris Walker, Russell Warhurst and Connie Ragsdale.

Absent:  Attorney Luker and Council Member Fred Standridge.

The agenda was:

  1. Resolution 2023-1 Amending the 2022 General and other Budgets

Mayor Lee presented Resolution 2023-1, amending Resolution 2021-5, A Resolution Providing for the adoption of a General and Street, Act 833 Fire, Reserve, Sewer Construction, Court Automation, ARP Grant, USDA Grant, Depreciation Reserve, and Sewer System Reduction Budgets for the City of Dover, Arkansas, for the twelve (12) months beginning January 1, 2022 and ending December 31, 2022 appropriating money for each item of expenditure therein provided for and for other purposes.

Council Member Pat McAlister made motion to approve the Resolution. Council Member Chris Walker 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  5.  Nays:  0.  Motion Carried.

Council Member Pat McAlister made motion to adjourn.  Council Member Connie Ragsdale 2nd.  A Voice Vote.  Yeas:  5.  Nays:  0.  Meeting Adjourned at 6:11 pm.